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What is this?

Studio Shtot (formerly Studio Studio YVR) is a group of designers, artists, and/or creatives based in Vancouver and Toronto founded in 2020 by Raphael Gutteridge and Morgan Abele. 


We are a collective of independent artists creating content that is a commentary on political and cultural issues primarily using satire as well as other comedic and dramatic art forms. Through emulating the systems we critique we hope to highlight alternative solutions to these issues.

Since 2020, we've grown into a small group with a diverse array of creative skills and viewpoints to draw from. Our primary activity is the production of our magazine where we connect abstract themes with the concrete world around us. Some other projects of ours include the Studio Spritz series of concept beverage designs and our Non-Existent Film Festival every summer. 

Want to work with us? Our motto is simple: "You bring ideas, we will also bring ideas."

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